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At the Grand Island Y, our members are our number one priority. Our goal is to give you and your family a great experience. Our staff is working to improve your experience and address the feedback we received in the Fall 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey.

Watch this space for updates on what we are doing to show you that #WeAreListening and taking action to improve your Y!

Changes we made because you asked…

“Express is too hot”
Week of June 5. Repairman has been called and parts have been ordered.

“Parking lot are in bad shape”
Ongoing since winter. We are working with the city to replace the parking lots. We have filled in some of the worst holes. Some can’t be patched.

“Not clean at Express”
April 4, 2017. Janitorial hours at the Express have been expanded.

“Could use a PVC pipe holder for the big rubber balls at the Express”
April 4, 2017. The pipe holder has been installed for balls.

“Should not be an additional charge for ChildWatch”
April 1, 2017. ChildWatch fee is being eliminated as of April 1. ChildWatch will be free to members. There will be a $5 day pass fee for a child who isn’t a member.

“Need new medicine balls”
February 17, 2017. New medicine balls are now available at the Northwest Express Y.

“I would like to see a Tai Chi class.”
February 7, 2017. A Tai Chi class was started at the Downtown Y with nine participants. The next week we were up to 12! A class will be starting at the Express Y soon.