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Water Class Descriptions

Click here for the pool schedule which also includes Lap Swim times.

Deep Water Exercise
A challenging class held in the deep end of the pool. Members use a flotation belt to hold them in a vertical position while doing a variety of aerobic activities and movements.

Deep Water Dynamics
A class that is divided into 4 specific units focusing on Cardio, Strength & Endurance, Balance & Coordination and Flexibility/Range of Motion stretches. Participants are welcome to lap swim during various circuits to individualize their workout. All equipment needed is provided.

Water Walk
This aquatics class in shallow water includes a variety of activities for aerobic exercise as well as activities to target range of motion, strength, endurance, and balance.

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
A low impact class for individuals with arthritis, limited joint motion, strength, or cardio-respiratory function.

All water fitness classes are appropriate for pre/post natal women with physician’s approval to exercise. Please let your instructor know if you are pregnant.