Parking Lot Project

May 31 – August 1

We are replacing the front asphalt parking lot with concrete.
• Project starts May 31
• Project will be complete around August 1
Where should I park?
If you have a handicap permit, are a senior, or have young children, we recommend parking on the west side of the Y and entering through the double glass doors on the west side.
If you don’t have a handicap permit or young children, the following parking places are available:
• North side of East South Front Street
• Parking lot by the railroad tracks, north of E. South Front Street
• After 4 pm, the north row in the Grand Generation Center lot
Parking lots are also available:
• across from the Chicken Coop,
• at the corner of East South Front Street and Pine Street
• the west end of the old post office parking lot
• Railside lot on West South Front and North Locust streets.
Will the front sidewalk be open to the front doors?
• Yes
Where am I NOT allowed to park?
• East parking lot (construction area)
• South side of East South Front Street (construction staging area)
• North side of 3rd street (child care drop off & pick up)
• We would like those with handicap permits, seniors, and those with small children to have priority on the west parking lot.

Thank you for your patience as we get this much needed project finished!