Ride-N-Raise has been postponed until June 12 & 13. Watch for more details.

Join us Friday March 20 & Saturday March 21 at the Y.

Welcome to Ride-n-Raise. Our goal is $20,000. Your donations will be used to 1) purchase fitness equipment for chair-based classes, 2) support Rock Steady, fighting Parkinson’s thru boxing, and 3) provide scholarships so all community members can become a Y member. The Y is here for all, regardless of the ability to pay. This event is open to members and non-members.

Join us this year for RIDE N RAISE where we are FEELIN the HOPE as the Y starts its next chapter. The instructors are COMIN’ IN HOT to serve you an experience that will leave you saying “I CAN’T GET ENOUGH”.

Click here for a paper registration form.