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Best Body Composition Challenge


November 9 – December 18; sign up before November 6

The Best Body Composition Challenge moves the conversation away from weight loss to body composition (fat loss and muscle gain), creating long-term goals using quantitative data and shifting the perspective to understanding what it means to genuinely transform one’s health. Prescribed workouts will be tailored to participants. Workouts may include body weight exercises and traditional style lifting. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced participants are welcome. Sign up with a family member or friend. This program is geared towards teens through adults.

Your first body fat check-in will be done on November 6 or 7 at Complete Nutrition, 1115 Allen Drive, Suite C. The final check-in will be on December 18 or 19.

You will receive workouts by email. Four body composition tests at Complete Nutrition are included.

The winner will be announced December 21 and will receive their entry money back and two (2) free personal training sessions with Michelle Schrock.

$40 member $60 program member